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Our mission is to increase the economic strength and growth of Benton County, Iowa; its communities; and its businesses.


Our services include: being an information resource center for Benton County; assisting with Federal, State and Local grant/loan opportunities; providing small business resources and assistance; nurturing local business retention and expansion; providing technical assistance and information to local development groups; assisting communities, individuals and businesses in economic growth and vitality; and promoting Benton County, Iowa.

Benton Development Group is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



Benton Development Group Executive Director Kate Robertson grew up in the Benton County community of Belle Plaine. After graduating college, Kate and her husband, Ian, moved back to Belle Plaine, where they are raising two children. Both enjoy close connections to an extended network of friends, relatives, and professional colleagues.  As BDG director, Kate assists existing businesses with growth opportunities and responds to requests for information about locating in Benton County. Kate has also secured more than $1,000,000 in grants and tax credits by working in partnership with local governments, businesses, and entrepreneurs.


Phone: (319) 472-5545


Benton Development Group Board of Directors

The board of directors and other Benton County representatives are excited about BDG’s involvement in Benton County economic development. Many great things are happening at BDG and the future looks to hold many new projects that will continue to promote the economic strength and growth of Benton County.

Benton County Appointees:

Marlyn Jorgensen
Greg Walston
Janelle Jack
Jay Herman

Heather Rinderknecht

Executive Board:

President - Dave Fish
Treasurer - Tim Meier
Secretary - Janelle Jack

Advisor - Marlyn Jorgensen

Board of Directors:

Adam Albertson

Kristyn Frazier

Gerald Gessner

Erin Janss

Rachel Montgomery
Tami Stark

Lonnie Speckner

Bruce Visser

Bill Voss

Benton County Supervisors:

Tracy Seeman
Gary Bierschenk
Rick Primmer

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